Truth seekers

With the rise of online misinformation and data breaches, Malaysian consumers are more suspicious than ever. Beware of being misled and deceived about their choices, they are even more proactive in finding reliable sources, fact-checking claims, checking brand values, and ensuring the authenticity of brands whose They also want to be involved.
The searches reflect these growing concerns among consumers.
Looking for ways to avoid the growing scale.
Of fraud and deception. As data breaches reached an all-time high in 2021, the search for privacy continued to grow.
With people’s growing concern about digital security, truth-seeking attitudes are becoming a habit of consumers.
Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate if there are only a few.
Their value system. The growing search for sustainable ways
And ethical shopping reflects the lack of consumers.
Tolerance of misguidance, and grasping brands closely.
Be responsible for any claims they make.
Consumers today want brands to be transparent at every step of their value chain, including sourcing, production, and corporate sustainability policies. In Malaysia, 55% of consumers say they value transparency and traceability of product originality when considering a purchase. 6 Buyers of all age groups will do extensive research before making their purchase, expecting brands to be active in earning and Maintaining. Their confidence.
This means that for brands, going beyond transparency,
Focusing on authenticity, and ensuring two-way continuity
Communicating with your customers has become more important than ever.

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