Medicines and Mother Nature help enhance health equity

Medicine and Mother Nature are big and important names in themselves. Medicine and Mother Nature help to increase the health balance.  Be it medicine or parental nature, both have taken the human body out of every possible effort and serious condition in different ways. We can also say that most of the medicines are made from trees and plants and science has played an important role in this and at the same time medicines have been made after conducting various experiments. Science spread its experiments many times but after much effort it succeeded.


Ayurveda And Nature – connect to us 

In the past very few diseases were found because now the use of machines has affected the human body but the use of machines has helped us But with the help of machines, the human body has become weak along with us. Nature has given us a lot, trees and plants are very important for our health. People’s lives have been saved, and 45% of people still live on drugs. Because people don’t take care of themselves, they resort to medicine. People still use Ayurvedic home remedies in addition to medicines and they also use homeopathic medicines and health related medicines. Still, people rely on homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurveda and Nature –

Ayurvedic medicine has gained first place in maintaining its position in the world and at the same time increasing its importance with its slow pace.

Ayurvedic medicine has strengthened its grip. The light does not yet know when Ayurveda originated. But it is certain that Ayurvedic medicine was very popular in ancient times.
It can be easily made and used. Man can read it in the form of an open book and can also benefit from it.
Ayurvedic medicine can play an important role in the main health benefits. It saves from deadly suffering as well as deadly diseases.



It developed in India 3,000 years ago. Ayurveda believes that fitness and well-being is a sensitive stability between the mind, the frame and the soul. Ayurveda says its main purpose is to sell the best physical form, not to fight disease. But this treatment is specially formulated for fitness problems. Ayurveda and our lifestyle electricity complement each other. CAM remedy College students consider everything inside the universe to be useless or alive. If you are at peace with yourself, your frame and your soul, then you have the best fitness. When for some reason its stability deteriorates, you get sick. Concerns about this stability include genetic or delivery defects, injury, weather and climate change, age and your feelings.


With the help of Ayurvedic Practitioner you will find a treatment plan according to your wishes. They will maintain your physical and emotional makeup, your number one vitality, and stability in these 3 elements. The goal of treatment is to protect your frame from certain damages, using it to help clear it of undigested foods that can cling to your frame and trigger disease. Known as Panchakarma, this detoxing method removes your signs and symptoms and restores harmony and stability.


Which medicine do you take?


A comon name


Such drugs can never be renamed. An accepted group of drugs that use very similar methods has been observed many times to appear to be identical.

For example, penicillin, ampicillin, amoxicillin, and fluoxetine are common names for each antibiotic.

A brand name

Multiple names represent multiple names for different drugs. The names of these drugs are administered by the company that manufactures them.Many companies can produce drugs with the same name, they will all have their own brand.Medicines managed by the same company are called by different names in varios countries.



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