People who eat fish and vegetables only have better memories than those who eat meat

Landan: A study has revealed that people who do not eat any meat other than fish and eat only vegetarian food have better memory than people who eat meat.

Researchers at the University of London’s Burbeck University on a study of the effects of diet on memory and sleep quality have found that a diet rich in fish and vegetables can improve your memory, according to a foreign news agency. ۔

According to the study, Paner Single said that eating vegetables instead of meat-based foods improves short-term oral memory. A diet rich in vegetables is associated with better heart and mental health.

He added that Mediterranean foods (consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables) have been found to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and improve cognitive performance.

For the study, a team of researchers selected 62 people over the age of 40 whose diets consisted of either vegetables or fish, or who ate both vegetables and meat, but had a low proportion of meat in their diet. There were also people who ate more meat.

Past studies have also found numerous links between physical and mental performance of diet. However, the reasons for these relationships are not clear.

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