5 Best Instagram photo editing apps. (Edit like a pro)

It is not easy to take good photos that are worth uploading on Instagram. But the magic mostly happens later on. We have put together a list of photo editing apps and tools that can get you rolling and you can stop worrying about the quality and aesthetics of your pictures.

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The following editing apps all have a free version. With a premium version, you can get way more than you are able to do on the free one.


VSCO is its own primary social media platform, with no follower counts, comments, or advertisements. You can do wonders with just the basic presets, which are twenty by the way. The basic plan lets you play around with brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.


This one is an award winner. Not just any award, the Apple Design Award to be specific.

In total, 12 photo filters are provided for free. The rest you can get after you buy the premium version. Like a curve tool, reject and you can even edit a video here. But this is for darkroom plus holders only. Their membership plans are annual and there is one that lets you have it for a lifetime.

Photoshop Express (version 3)

Are you a more sophisticated editor? This one is for you then. But the beginners can also hang around it. It is pretty simple for them with some advanced features for the pro guys. Those who prefer to buy Instagram likes UK, also need such tools.

Photoshop Express was created exclusively for mobile devices. The app includes retouching, enhancing, and all of the other Photoshop functions and themes, stickers, and overlays.

You can have this and utilize it at no cost. Work on multiple layers, automatic selection of parts of the image, pro-level editing, and the super healing power are for the premium owners only.


For all the starters out there, this app is grand for picture and also video editing. If you want something a little more advanced than Instagram’s built-in editing features, then snapseed has you covered. You can get a glimpse at the tutorial before starting up.

The best thing about this app is that you are not attacked with constant reminders to upgrade to a paid plan. We all know how annoying that is. We recommend that you include buying Instagram views in the UK in your marketing strategy.

Photo Editor in Hoot suite

How can we talk about editing tools and ignore the king of all? The hoot suite is the best out there. It not only lets you improve your images and videos but you can also use it to manage your account. Like scheduling posts and stories. All that you do with this tool is in fact on the app (Instagram).


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