A Guide to AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam, commonly called the AZ-500 certification, is an associate-level examination offered by Microsoft Azure. It is a domain-related exam that focuses on the Azure services’ security aspects. Upon completion, the candidates will have a thorough knowledge of the security-related aspects within Azure’s scope and across multiple domains.

AZ-500 overview:

This associate-level certification validates the skills of SMEs working on security and identity controls. Candidates completing the examination will understand how the security and identity controls are put in place and how the data and applications are protected in the cloud environment.

About the examination:

The overall exam duration is 210 minutes which includes 30 minutes for assessments. Excluding the surveys and assessment time, the examination comes around 180 minutes, with 40 to 60 questions. The exam pattern contains both multiple-choice and single-choice questions. The single choice often comes in a true or false type. One year of experience in cloud administration and security practices is required to effectively obtain AZ-500 certification.

Preparation recommendation:

There are multiple topics to cover to crack the examination. However, focusing on the below issues might place you in a suitable position to acquire the Azure certification easily.

  • Azure policy
  • Azure security center
  • Azure MFA
  • Azure service endpoints
  • Azure custom roles and RBAC

Directory to clear the reexamination:

  • Concentrate on conditions:

Knowledge of Azure’s services will be the key to acquiring this certification. Candidates who already had taken up the developer or administrator course might feel that AZ-500 is easy to crack. Knowledge of the cloud environment and the security aspects will help prepare for this certification.

  • Project for the exam:

Book a slot and pay for the exam to have enough time for preparation. If there are any vouchers available, you could use them to book the slot. Microsoft would provide vouchers itself, which you can use to redeem against this certification program.

  • Tips for the virtual exam:

AZ-500 examination will be conducted virtually, meaning the exam will be in an authorized test center online. Ensure having a clean desk or a clean workspace before appearing for the exam.

  • Opting for the best time:

Choosing a time slot might be tricky, as a few candidates prefer doing it during the morning, while a few like appearing in the evening or at night. Carefully choose a time slot you think you will be very active. Ensure an isolated environment so that your entire focus is on the examination and you are free from distractions.

  • Whiteboards and scribble pads:

More than studying, writing it out on a whiteboard or a scribble pad helps the candidates to remember the points accurately. Studies tell that candidates perform well when they write and learn things, rather than only reading the syllabus. Jot down important points on a scribbling pad, and go through them before the examination. It definitely will help during the revision phase.

  • Create an outline:

Go through the exam syllabus and prepare a chart with the end dates for each module mentioned. Also, mark if you can complete them within the prescribed time or not. Doing so will help to keep track of the syllabus completion. 

  • Revision timetable:

Once the entire syllabus is complete, make sure to revise the syllabus multiple times. Going through the content, again and again, makes the examination easier to crack. Important points become easier to remember with various revisions made. While creating the syllabus outline, allocate sufficient time to accommodate multiple revisions.


The AZ-500 certification exam comes with a cost of USD 165. This certification is also available in multiple languages. As we just saw the details about the certification, acquiring it will help the candidate in security management and identity control. The prerequisite Azure course also helps the candidates give them an overview of the cloud environment and cloud administration.


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