A Guide To Making Your Product Packaging Child Resistant:

Whenever we talk about adding key aspects to our packaging that can make it more worthy and useful, an important aspect that is often overlooked is making the casing of the product child-resistant. Generally, brands don’t give it much consideration because, according to them, the products they sell are not dangerous for kids. However, parents know how important it is to keep every other thing in their home away from the reach of the children. Therefore, there is always a need to have a product packaging that does not allow children to access the product inside it.

Why use packaging which is resistant to children?

In general, medicine boxes are made in such a way that children cannot access the pills as they are considered dangerous if swollen by kids of any age. Some companies also regard the product packaging, which is child-resistant, as the special packaging because it has a special functionality. This kind of casing is generally hard to open for kids, and therefore, they fail to access whatever is inside it.

Some products may wreak havoc if they are accessed by kids, such as aspirin, cannabis, and many other items. Therefore, they should be protected

If you want to see your brand to stand out by showing your concern and care for parents and their children, you must use such boxes that remain unaffected if a child reaches them. Let us see the guide given below to see how it can be done:

Don’t give visual instructions:

We often see various products that have a picture of an arrow or something similar to it that helps the user know how to open the box. Oftentimes, the way to open the box is so obvious that the consumer does not need any instruction. Human beings are naturally smart enough to understand visual instructions, especially those that give any kind of direction. If children have enough time, they will end up opening the box with the help of visual clues.

If you think that it is necessary to give instructions, go with using textual guidelines as toddlers or kids under ten cannot read or understand things

Use a complex opening mechanism:

We come across many such products that require us to use more force to open them. Some containers also have such types of lids that are not so simple and easy to open. For instance, the lid of certain products requires pressing downward and then moving in a clockwise direction at the same time to open it. For adults, it is very easy, but for kids, it is not easy to apply force and then rotate the lid. This way, the container remains unaffected even if the child gets his hands on it.

In simple words, the more complex the opening mechanism you use, the more difficult it will be for kids to open it. However, custom product packaging that you choose for your brand should not use an opening mechanism that is too difficult for adults too. The ideal container opens with ease by adults.

Use labels on the custom product packaging:

Using labels on the packaging is one of the best ways to ensure that the box is never going to be within reach of children. When you design the casing for your product, never forget to attach a label to it. The label says that the product can be dangerous for kids in addition to providing lots of other details.

The label cannot do anything if the consumer does not read it. However, those who read it always find it useful, and they become aware of the hazards of giving the products to child’s hands. To make the consumer read the label, you can add some more important details to the label. For instance, consumers won’t miss the ingredients section of custom product boxes. So, you can include the ingredients on the label to make the tag more noticeable.

If possible, make the custom product boxes bigger:

If you want children to access the box and then try to open it, the best idea is to make the packaging bulkier and bigger. It might not be practical in many cases, but it can work for many businesses. The smaller box that fits easily into the fingers of the kid is always possible to open. So, try to increase the size of the packaging to the extent that it fits into the hands of adults easily but is too big for kids.

Do the testing before launching:

You can never be confident that you have designed a box that is not possible for a child to open unless you test it. Generally, testing is carried out in accredited labs where these product boxes are prepared. Another way to test the product packaging is to hand them to kids and see their reaction and the method they use to open the lid.

Testing is a crucial part that should never be ignored. If you ignore this part, you often show non-compliance with the regulatory bodies that require you to take steps to make boxes child-resistant.


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