Enoki Mushrooms Reviewed in 6 States

Enoki mushrooms;

There is a functioning examination on Enoki mushrooms dispersed by Perfect World Produce in six states. The Qilu Ventures brand mushrooms are being reviewed because the item tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes, as indicated by the New York State Division of Farming and Markets. (Mushrooms Reviewed in 6 States)

long and slim;
Enoki mushrooms are long and slim white mushrooms, typically sold in groups. They are broadly utilized in East Asian food and are called enokitake, brilliant needle, futu, fish, or lily mushrooms.

Six states impacted by this ongoing review;

The six states impacted by this ongoing review are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, and West Virginia. The affected items named “enoki mushrooms” are bundled in 7.05-ounce plastic packs with UPC 928918-610109. The bundling is set apart with a lapse date named as “Exp: October 26, 2023.”

The Food and Medication Organization reported

This isn’t the initial occasion when these Enoki mushrooms were reviewed for this present year. The Food and Medication Organization reported a Listeria monocytogenes flare-up connected to enoki mushrooms in January, later extended in Spring.

Five sicknesses and hospitalizations

There were reports of five sicknesses and hospitalizations in California, Nevada, New Jersey, and Michigan associated with that flare-up, as per the Habitats for Infectious Prevention and Avoidance.

Interestingly, the other case didn’t report eating enoki mushrooms

Two of these cases revealed eating enoki mushrooms or eating at eateries with menu things containing enoki mushrooms. Interestingly, the other case didn’t report eating enoki mushrooms however was noted to have been “shopping at different Asian supermarkets.” (Mushrooms Reviewed in 6 States)

Listeria disease

Normal side effects of Listeria disease incorporate fever, muscle pain, and sleepiness. Different side effects incorporate migraine, solid neck, disarray, loss of equilibrium, or seizures in additional outrageous cases.

While Listeria isn’t regularly perilous, it very well may be particularly hurtful on the off chance that you are pregnant, age 65 or more established, or have a compromised insusceptible framework because of an ailment or treatment. Listeria can cause pregnancy misfortune or untimely birth and can cause hazardous disease or demise in babies.

Medical services supplier;

If you encounter any of these side effects after eating Enoki mushrooms, call your medical services supplier at the earliest opportunity. Listeria can get by at refrigerated temperatures and effectively spread to different food sources and surfaces, so cautiously follow the FDA’s protected dealing with and cleaning techniques assuming your kitchen is sullied. (Mushrooms Reviewed in 6 States)


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