Why Are Casement Windows So Beneficial To Your Home?

Casement windows have a basic yet elegant design, opening and closing like a door yet allowing more light into living areas. 

These windows are a common choice today because of their versatility, and they are an excellent choice for any house, whether historical or modern.

If it is time to replace your windows, you must consider casement windows because of the antique aesthetic design and energy-efficient qualities. 

How Does Casement Window Work?

It is also known as crank windows. These windows are hinged on the side and open to the left or right and are connected to the frame by one or more hinges. Therefore, casement windows break out at a 90-degree angle.  

When the hinges are on the top of the window, the window is referred to as an awning casement window. Hopper hinges are those that are located at the bottom of the frame. Apart from a very simple operation and a sleek look, these windows provide advantages for your home. 

Benefits of casement windows for your home:

Benefit #1

Brings in ample air and light.

 Casements are the most energy-efficient window operating style available today, aside from picture windows that don’t open.

Benefit #2

Ensures Safety

Casement windows are safe because an intruder can’t turn the crank from the outside. In addition, manufacturers such as TOSTEM India offer crescent locks that add an extra layer of security to their windows.  If you take care to latch and lock it, there’s no way an intruder can enter your home through it. 

Benefit #3

Value for money models that match home decor

Casement windows do not need frequent maintenance due to their durability and the material used in manufacturing. Apart from this, Casement windows create an airtight seal helping reduce your energy bills and saving money.

For example, TOSTEM India’s casement windows use Japanese technologies like bot glazing and rubber gaskets to create sound-proof and secure casement windows. Their windows have Low-E glass and sturdy weatherstripping in sashes that save money on energy expenses.

In a nutshell,

One of the reasons most people install casement windows is the amount of light and air. Casement windows provide good ventilation and lighting options due to their large opening on several hinges.  

These windows, located on a higher level and have top hinges, can open up to create big outlets for sunshine to light up dark regions of a room. 

The sashes open to the left and right, and the breeze is often captured and brought inside, providing natural air cooling. Therefore, these windows are a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, tiny spaces, and even bedrooms.

Manufacturers like TOSTEM India offer high-quality aluminum casement windows that come in a box. It makes installation at the site hassle-free and more efficient. 

The TEXGUARD anodized coating also adds shine to the casement windows that are easy to maintain and last long.

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