Top 6 Benefits Of Investing In Senior Citizen FD Scheme 2022

     Top 6 Benefits Of Investing In Senior Citizen FD Scheme 2022


Senior Citizen Fixed Deposits (FDs) are term deposit plans with exceptional senior citizen FD rates available to individuals over 60 from top banks. In addition to the extra interest rate, which can reach 0.25% higher than the average person, these fixed deposit accounts offer a wide range of benefits to older residents.

Regular interest payouts can provide a constant and reliable income source for seniors post-retirement years. If needed, they can also take out a loan against the FD. If it is a 5-year tax-saving fixed deposit, the senior citizen FD can also help save tax while generating additional interest.


Senior Citizens’ Benefits from FD


There are numerous advantages to opening a senior citizen fixed deposit, the most important of which are:


  • They provide specific FD rates that are typically higher, leading to increased revenues.
  • It creates a secure environment where money can increase at a consistent rate.
  • The interest gained on these savings can be converted into monthly paychecks, giving you more peace of mind as you approach retirement.
  • The senior citizen fixed deposit can also be used as a tax saver deposit, allowing for tax deductions under section 80C of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Senior people can pick from various interest payment choices, with interest.
  • Regular interest payments can be a godsend to retirees because they provide a source of supplemental income.


Senior Citizen FD Eligibility


If you wish to open a senior citizen fixed deposit, you must be a resident of India. NRI senior citizens with NRE or NRO accounts can also open these FDs. At the time of opening the fixed deposit, you must also be over 60.


  • On the date the depositor creates the particular term deposit account, they must have reached the age of 60.
  • According to several banks, customers who are over 55 and have retired early may be eligible for this form of FD. This guideline varies with each bank and is subject to specific terms and restrictions.


S Citizen Fixed Deposit Benefits


Senior citizen fixed deposits have the same characteristics as conventional term deposits. look at these listed below.


  • These fixed deposits have deposit terms ranging from five years to ten years, depending on the bank.
  • Nomination services are also provided on these deposits, allowing depositors to declare a person as a beneficiary.
  • The term deposit’s tenor determines the senior citizen FD rates offered under these schemes.
  • The interest is compounded weekly and can be credited to a bank account or added to the FD’s maturity value.
  • The fixed deposit can be closed at any moment after being established. Premature withdrawals are not feasible with tax-saver FDs, and regular FDs may be subject to fines depending on the bank’s policies.
  • The maximum amount that can be contributed under these programs varies from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 5 crores. Banks will set these limits, which may differ from one bank to another.
  • Some of these accounts are tax-saving fixed deposits with 5-year lock-in periods that still provide exceptional senior citizen FD rates for older citizens.


Senior Citizen FD Taxes


According to the applicable laws, the interest earned on senior citizen fixed deposits may be subject to income tax. So If you are responsible for paying taxes, they are subtracted from the source. However, if you are not, you can submit Form 15G or 15H to banks.


If the term deposit is an NRE deposit, it may not be subject to taxes;

nevertheless, the interest generated on NRO and FCNR deposits may be taxed.


FAQs on Senior Citizen FD


  1. Is there a TDS on fixed deposits for older citizens?


Only when the cumulative interest for all the fixed deposits you have in a specific customer ID with the bank surpasses. You will have to pay TDS (tax deduction at source) of Rs. 50,000 in a financial year.


  1. Is it possible for a senior citizen to open a fixed deposit account with someone who isn’t a senior citizen?


Yes, a senior citizen can open a joint fixed deposit account with someone who isn’t elderly. If the version is for a particular senior citizen fixed deposit program. the senior citizen shall be the initial or principal account holder.


  1. Is proof of age required again if a senior individual wishes to create a second or third fixed deposit account with the bank?


Yes, proof of age must be provided and submitted to the bank each time a fixed deposit account is opened.


  1. Do senior persons get a higher interest rate on bulk fixed deposits?


It varies by financial institution, but most bulk deposits (above Rs.2 crore or less, depending on the bank) do not offer older persons a preferred or higher interest rate.


  1. Is there a particular interest rate for super-senior citizens on fixed deposits?


Super-senior citizens (those over the age of 80) may be offered higher senior citizen FD rates over and above those offered to senior citizens, but depending on the bank or NBFC (from 60 to 80).


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