The main procession of Hazrat Ali on the day of martyrdom.

The Lahore administration is conducting high-level monitoring in connection with the main procession of Hazrat Ali (RA) on the day of martyrdom.

According to details, Commissioner Lahore Captain (Retd) Muhammad Usman visited the Central Control Room for the procession on the day of martyrdom of Ali. Commissioner briefed DC Lahore.

Commissioner Lahore reviewed the monitoring of the security and other arrangements of the procession from the Central Control Room. He said that officers of all the concerned departments were present in the Central Control Room for immediate response.

He said that peace was on its route on the main procession, four levels of security had been ensured and all points on Mubarak Haveli to Karbala Gamay Shah 6 km route were being monitored from the control room.

He said that the cameras of the Punjab Safe City Authority were fully operational around the route, additional cameras were also installed, and more than 5,000 police officers and personnel were performing security duties in the central procession.

DC Lahore Omar Sher Chatha, ADCR Tauqeer Ilyas Cheema, and police officers were also present on the occasion of Commissioner Lahore’s visit.

Remember that the day of martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA) is being celebrated all over Pakistan today.

On the occasion of this day, seminars and other events will be organized by religious and social organizations.

Processions will also be held on designated routes in different parts of the country.

Scholars and shaykhs will shed light on different aspects of the life of Hazrat Ali (RA).

Fool-proof security arrangements have been made across the country on the occasion of Hazrat Ali’s martyrdom day.

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