Material and equipment of the motorcycle jacket

The material of the motorcycle jacket: textile is suitable all year round

The choice of material is one of the most important decisions when buying a motorcycle jacket. The advantages of a leather motorcycle jacket are the high abrasion resistance, the good fit, and the low folds, which means that the protectors fit snugly and do not slip. The biggest disadvantage, however, is the high weight. In addition, leather is less breathable than textiles. That’s why motorcycle leather combinations have clear advantages, but also disadvantages.


As far as protection against extreme weather conditions is concerned, motor jackets made of textile are an advantage. These are very breathable and also have good insulation. Textile jackets are therefore equally good to use at any time of the year.


However, the abrasion resistance here is significantly lower than with jackets made of leather. In the worst case, protectors can also slip more easily due to the further incision, which means that they no longer protect them so well against bone fractures.

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The equipment with protectors: Pure fashion jackets do not protect

Protectors are either integrated or can be placed in appropriate bays. These are located on the elbows, shoulders, and back.


The scope of delivery for motorcycle clothing usually includes shoulder and elbow protectors. Protectors for the back usually need to be purchased additionally.


Standardization for protective protectors distinguishes between two levels. Level 1 protectors protect in such a way that a residual force of 18 kilonewtons acts on the body. With Level 2 protectors, this residual force is only nine kilonewtons.


So the protection is even greater than with the Level 1 protector. Some retro motorcycle jackets have no slots and are therefore not suitable for safe motorcycling.


Motorcycle jackets in comparison


  • Criteria for good buying advice
  • On the hunt for the motorcycle jacket test winner, you will come across many different comparisons and tests from different portals and providers. However, it is also important to know what is important if you want to buy a motorcycle jacket.


Important is information about the material and the protectors (type and level). Based on these criteria, you can already make a pre-selection if you have already decided on the material. It is also important to get information about the price-performance ratio. Because not every mid-range jacket is better than a cheap motorcycle jacket just because it’s more expensive.


Comfort and safety only possible as a compromise

Motorcycle jacket tests 2022 confirm the better abrasion behavior of motorcycle jackets made of leather compared to those made of textile. In the event of a fall, however, protection against bone fractures is also crucial, which can only be guaranteed by suitable protectors. Firmly processed back protectors have the great disadvantage of being too short and not adequately supporting the lower back.


Tip: For protectors, you should pay attention to the marking according to CE EN 1621-1. This guarantees compliance with minimum standards for the respective product.


With a one-piece motorcycle leather suit, these protectors are longer in comparison and not questionable. According to many tests, safety and comfort are often difficult to combine and you have to compromise on either one aspect or another.


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