Ice cream soda Recipe Drinks

Soda Drink is a wonderful drink made from a mixture of milk, soda water, ice cream syrup, and roasted almonds, which relieves your daytime fatigue and gives you joy and energy in an instant. Its foamy taste fills your heart with comfort and serenity by relieving you from the cycles caused by heat. It is better to drink it fresh. Also great to drink on summer days and especially on Iftar. (Ice cream soda Recipe)


A cup of milk
Two tablespoons of ice cream soda
A tablespoon of condensed milk
Almonds for decoration
Snow as needed.


1. Put milk, ice cream soda, and condensed milk in a blender.
2. Now blend these things well so that all the ingredients come together.
3. Now pour the drink into a glass and mix ice cubes and foaming soda in it.
4. Now garnish it with condensed milk, crushed almonds, and ice cream soda.
5. Cold, sweet, and refreshing ice cream soda drink is ready. Have a drink and let us know what you think in the comments box below. (Ice cream soda Recipe)


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