Health and Excercise

                                  Health and exercise:

we will discuss an exercise program, that’s all that can continually help your immunity function. During the last three years pandemic, everyone, as you know, has experienced worry and disturbance about various issues, including diseases like COVID-19 and the control of vaccination for community infections. These topics have become hot issues around the world during this time. No one wants to get sick so you want to improve your immunity to function that to be work at its full potential.
today we’re going to tell you about an exercise program that’s arranged to help you optimize your health immunity function. We know that the epidemic that is rampant today, such as Code 19, has caused many people to be anxious and worried about many things and the conditions of infection control vaccination. And this has become a hot topic worldwide. First of all, we introduce that several studies of exercise have
Exercising for even less than 60 minutes can enhance your immune function. Before we commence with the exercise that I’ve prepared for you today, let’s go over some signs to look out for before starting the workout. If you have undiagnosed pain in your knee and your back. pre-existing medical conditions such as heart disease high blood pressure heart palpitations or vertigo.

I advise that you talk to your doctor before starting these exercises.

The first benefit of exercise is that it improves your mood. If you are depressed, you are in a bad mood, then you need to exercise. Not only does this improve your mood but it also lowers the levels of anxiety and stress in your brain. When we exercise, our anxiety levels decrease, putting us in a good mood due to the release of hormones in our brain called endorphins. Endorphins enhance positive feelings, leading to an improved mood and increased positivity. This is solely attributed to exercise. Another benefit of exercise is that it helps us lose weight.

guys, I hope you break a sweat and enjoy a little bit of exercise with us. I hope to see you again next episode.


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