Chicken Tempura recipies

Full preparation time

20 minutes
Cooking time

40 minutes
For how many people

3 people

1 Chicken Breast Half a Kg. 2  Salt to taste. 3 Crushed Garlic 1 tablespoon. 4 Flour 3/4 cup. 5 Cornflour Half a cup. 6 Chopped Red Pepper 1 tablespoon. 7 Pepper Ground Grind 1 teaspoon. 8 Soy sauce 2 tablespoons. 9 Soda half a teaspoon Tablespoon, 10 baking powder half a teaspoon. 11 cooking oil as required

Step by Step Instructions

1. Cut the chicken breast into strips, then add salt, garlic, red pepper, and soy sauce to a bowl and mix and marinate the chicken strips with it.
2. In a deep bowl, take flour, cornflour, salt, pepper, baking soda and add baking powder, and beat with electric batter for 4-5 minutes.
3 Then add ice water little by little and mix well.
4. Heat cooking oil for deep frying in a frying pan.
5 One by one, dip the chicken strips in the prepared mixture and lightly fry till golden.


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