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Today people around the world play a vital role in social mobilization, but what is social bookmarking?

Well, Social Bookmarking is built on the idea that anything useful online should be shared with other users.


Bookmarking sites play a key role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Traffic to our blog or website can be increased through backlinks and other popular websites.


How does it help to share a link to public bookmarking sites?

Other users may visit or view your recommended blog or site.

Top page rank will be given to your site by a search engine.

Now, once enough light has been cast on the importance of bookmarking sites, let’s take a look at all the sites we have for booking purposes!

List of Top 1000+ Free profile creation websites lists



Social Bookmarking Site is a new social bookmarking site with high DA PA, which let you do social bookmarking, and also their blogs are also, very awesome about SEO and provide very informative knowledge. I suggest you read them all if you are a beginner it will help you a lot.


Twitter and Facebook

Your site or blog can be easily advertised through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is a social service that connects bloggers with their friends, family, colleagues, and other people around them. Twitter is not just a social networking site but also a small blogging site that allows users to send or read small messages called tweets.


By providing links to these social media stories, visitors to your blog can be greatly improved.



It is considered to be the website of a social media website where news related to science and technology is posted and shared. The editor picks up the best posts and displays them on the first page.



Digg or bury is a voting system. It selects online audiences for topics such as science, entertainment, technology, politics, etc. The numerous visited or famous site is exhibited first. If the content is buried for a long time, it will be automatically deleted.



It enables users to mark their bookmarks. As a result, one can view bookmarks added by other users. This real bookmarking site helps to interact with like-minded people and compile their content in the stack.


Stumble upon

It is a measurement system. Users can edit bookmarks of their choice. Works without search engines. The site becomes more and more infected if you get a lot of stumbling blocks (favorites) from other users. In addition to the public bookmarking site, the discovery site, and recommendations. Content that was not found in other bookmarks can be found on this site.



Similar to Digg but users provide site points directly. Upvote raises site points while Downvote reduces site points. If the site is linked to a redesigned homepage, it can get over 1000 visitors a day. It is known for its unique content. If you wish to add spices to your content this site is very helpful.



Known as public or citizen journalism. Users can post an external link for other users to view. As a journalist, the user can provide or share his or her views on public discussions. Those who agree with the content of the title may vote for the content.

And the list goes on! Choose your best options and spend time building a strategy!



If you are a beginner in SEO you can do social bookmarking on any popular website, also if you want to increase your referring domain you can go with , for do-follow links.

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