Best Call Tracking Software in 2022

Most customer relationship management (CRM), sales, and marketing systems include call tracking
features. A variety of options available give capabilities for monitoring and documenting call activity. On
the other hand, some apps were developed specifically for this objective. These applications are
collectively referred to as Call Tracking Software.

The success of a company depends heavily on sales and marketing. For a better understanding, it is
necessary to know the difference between Call and an Invitation. Most businesses use marketing and sales
representatives to manage campaigns and generate qualified leads. Managers may monitor agent
efficiency by listening in on calls and reading messages recorded by these programs. Some of the best call
tracking apps are as follows:
 Agile CRM
 CallAction
 Ringba
 CallFire
 Convirza


ZIWO is a web-based tool for call centers that makes it simpler for agents to communicate with their
clients over the phone. It gives virtual phone numbers and the ability to connect to virtual or real agents. It
provides the most competitive pricing for both voice calls and text messages for businesses of all sizes. It
provides installs from third parties and has an API framework so that you may build your customized

This fascinating application gives data on the calls made by your customers, as well as a call transfer tool
and an option to click to call. ZIWO's most popular features are called calling tracking, calling
whispering, and calling masking. In addition, it provides mobile applications, end-of-call surveys, an
autodialer, and online call-back capabilities. Install and configure this web-based customer service
application so that you may do business in the cloud and communicate with your customers.

Agile CRM

The program for managing projects known as Agile CRM is a creation of the company Atlassian. It
provides agile teams with the ability to personalize their scrum boards. Flexible Kanban boards assist in
giving the most productive in the shortest amount of time. Connect with your team's job, interact with the
stakeholders in your company and sketch out the overall picture of how well your company is doing.
Receive an infinite number of reports with insightful and actionable data on the performance of your
teams. You can monitor the performance of your team members and agents by tracking the calls that they
make and receive. You can incorporate data from various sources into this platform so that you may
handle it more effectively. In addition, it enables users to create their filters and processes, access
sophisticated APIs, integrate development tools, and use mobile applications.


CallAction is an advanced call monitoring and recording tool that helps organizations grow via intelligent
automation. It is a simple system that may generate more leads via text messages, phone calls, and email.
The software can automatically carry out operations that are tedious and time-consuming, and it can also
send emails, SMS, and phone calls on its own. Use various communication channels to increase the
number of leads generated by a phone call or email lead.
You can construct individualized call lists, which can then be used for sending text messages and making
outbound phone calls. Utilize effective drip campaigns to automate the encounters you have with your
customers. In addition, you may take advantage of API connectors to interact with leads and keep track of
them. Enhanced call alerts facilitate the process of recording incoming calls and messages.


Ringba is an application developed to test the boundaries of innovation via its call tracking and
management capabilities for businesses. The call tracking tool enables you to more effectively manage
your partners, automate your call flow, and load balance your actual conversations. IVR builder allows
for automating customer care procedures, creating great customer experiences, and pre-qualifying future
Use ground-breaking technologies to speed up the process of improving a digital agency or a pay-per-call
network. This system provides reporting in real-time as well as administration of incoming calls. The
software offers integration with well-known call buyers, allowing you to make the most of your working
experience and significantly boost your earnings. Get information from customers so you may improve
your marketing efforts and provide a more personalized experience for callers.


CALLN is a cloud-based platform loaded with features and offers a comprehensive set of tools to help
you expand your company. It enables you to boost both the performance of your agents and the happiness
of your customers. It provides integrations for a wide variety of industry-leading technologies. By adding
this technology, you may boost the efficiency of your customer relationship management (CRM),
marketing, or sales platform.

You can organize your calls into categories, have calls automatically tagged, and customize handsets on
both a group and an individual basis. You may improve the quality of your work experience by
organizing calls using specified keystrokes. The recording may be started, stopped, and paused at any
time, and quick emails can be sent. You can generate individualized reports, scheduled reports, and an
activity log for all recordings directly from the dashboard.


CallFire is one of the most sophisticated calling and messaging programs available today, and it helps
companies attract more consumers. Use phone calls and text message reminders to create engagement
with your consumers. To cultivate connections with your customers, you should send them alerts and
tailored messages. It makes it easier for the user to monitor the effectiveness of advertising, reduce the
length of collecting cycles, and activate lead lists.
Professionals may purchase toll-free and local phone numbers for use in ads for a cost. You can monitor
figures to create successful campaigns. The user may send text messages while working with a call
tracking number, and they can get responses by text message. View the performance of advertisements
with the use of analytics reports.


Convirza is a cloud-based call monitoring tool that includes everything you may need. Call tracking
numbers may be saved in an infinite capacity for professionals. It provides virtual telephone lines for
marketing and sales to facilitate virtual communication. You can improve your leads and monitor call
activity by employing keywords, campaigns, and advertisements. Connecting data from incoming and
outgoing calls is beneficial for growing a firm. You can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing
and campaign spending with the help of intuitive call reporting.
Record the calls made by agents and provide prizes to those agents who make the most successful calls.
You may enhance both customer service and sales by recording talks that occur during phone calls. In
addition, you can retrieve call recordings, tag calls, send emails, and comment on recordings. You may
increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts by integrating this solution with the CRM, Sales, and
Marketing Tools are provided by other third parties.

Final Thoughts

In general, these programs have all of the valuable features necessary for recording conversations and
monitoring the data of customers. The majority of the apps have connectors with third-party services. You
may integrate these call monitoring technologies into several additional business management software
programs to further develop your company.
In addition to that, these apps assist in the process of delivering push alerts and SMS messages to
consumers. They provide available analytics data and papers, which may be used to evaluate the
efficiency of sales and marketing professionals.


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