4 Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone Back Cover

Very few people know that there are many disadvantages of the back cover which can also damage the mobile phone. The back cover is used to make the mobile more beautiful and without any scratches, but the heat coming out of the mobile phone or the heat coming back to the mobile due to the back cover, ie the heat is not drained properly.

This is because the back cover is usually made of rubber which causes the heat to build up. The first disadvantage of having a back cover is the performance of the mobile phone, ie the performance of the mobile phone falls. The second disadvantage is that all parts of the mobile are affected, especially the battery of the mobile phone. Since the effect of heat is more on the battery, the lifetime of the battery is affected.

The third disadvantage is that the mobile phone cannot catch the signals properly as the antenna is on the backside which is hidden in the back of the casing. The back cover makes it difficult for the antenna to work.

Another disadvantage is that the receiver that accepts Wi-Fi is also backward inside the casing and Wi-Fi signals can also be a problem due to the back cover. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.


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